Made for More

Have you ever felt like your life is in a rut? Or like all the things you thought would make you happy just haven’t? When you spend your days going through the motions and nothing seems to satisfy, it’s time to remember that YOU WERE MADE FOR MORE.

God created each of us with a purpose, and living it out is the key to experiencing the abundant life He promised. So if you’re tired of the fear, anxiety, shame, cancel culture, and lack of purpose that’s crept in and all around you, this is the series for you. We’ll be taking a deep dive into six areas of life that the world has gotten all wrong and challenge you to see that you were made for so much more.

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More Than Your Past | Jason Gore

Have you ever been stuck in the past thinking you’re not good enough? In this message, our Lead Pastor Jason Gore will help us move beyond the fear and shame of the past as we begin our new series, Made for More.

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Made for More Than Parenting | Chase Gardner + Heather Sullivan

One of the hardest things you’ll do in life is raise a child! So how is this a blessing? During the message this week in our Made for More series, Chase Gardner, our Teaching Pastor, will help us view having children through God’s eyes. And Heather Sullivan, our Family Ministry Director, will share some of the realities of raising kids in today’s world with some practical parenting tips to get on the right path.

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Your Marriage Is Made for More | Dave Lanuti

We all want more out of our marriages. After all, marriage is one of the closest relationships we’ll ever have on earth and the foundation of our families. This week in our Made for More series, Dave Lanuti, Hope’s Marriage Pastor, will share a touching message in how to let God grow our marriages to more than what we could imagine.

Group Discussions

It’s so much easier to live out the life God has for you when you’re surrounded by people who can encourage and support you, so we encourage you to dig even deeper into each message with a group. 

Not in a small group? That’s ok! Check out the message above from Jason on all the group options and how you can get involved.