February 26, 2023 - April 2 , 2023

Rhythm is all about repetition—a pattern of notes or movement or behavior. It’s the routines we enact day in and day out—eating, working, playing, resting. When we think about living on mission, it's easy to think big and think complicated, but this 6-week series is all about what it means to bring mission to our everyday rhythms.

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Check out Jeff Vanderstelt’s book Saturate: Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life.

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How To Live a Life On Mission | Chase Gardner

Living on mission doesn’t have to mean adding to our already-busy lives. In fact, most of the important parts of God’s story happened around a table. In week one of the series, Teaching Pastor Chase Gardner reminds us that gathering around a table isn’t only about sharing food, but about giving life.

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Meeting the Needs Around Us | Chase Gardner

Many of our normal rhythms revolve around meeting needs—for ourselves, our spouse, our kids, our home. But what would it look like to expand our view? What if instead of just noticing the needs of our household, we began noticing the needs of the household of God? In week 2 of the series, Chase Gardner explains how blessing others opens the door for God to work powerfully in their lives.

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Taking Back the Rhythm of Rest | Léonce Crump

What is it like to work from a place of rest instead of working for it? Many of us worry what could happen if we stop producing, stop moving, stop making—but Jesus needed time in a quiet place, so how could we not need the same? In week 3, Pastor Léonce Crump from Renovation Church in Atlanta shares a powerful (and challenging) message about the spiritual rhythms of work and rest.

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Why Is Listening So Hard? | Chase Gardner

Listening seems easy enough, but it’s a rhythm that is quickly forgotten. When was the last time you felt like you were heard? Or, when was the last time you really listened to someone? During week 4 of the series, Chase Gardner reminds us how the simple act of listening can make the greatest impact.

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The Stories That Shape Us | Chase Gardner

We live by stories. Stories help us make sense out of life. They shape us and they direct us. Sometimes they’re right, but sometimes they’re excuses. Are these stories keeping us from what God wants? In week 5 of the series, Chase Gardner encourages us to take a closer look at the stories we tell ourselves every day.

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How To Celebrate Like Jesus | Jason Gore

Sometimes we make mission a whole lot harder than it needs to be—sometimes being more like Jesus just looks like learning how to celebrate better. In the sixth and final week of the series, Lead Pastor Jason Gore shares about the rhythm of celebration.

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During Rhythm, we are encouraging all of our small groups to go through the weekly message-based curriculum prepared for the series. It’s a great way to create engagement church wide and open up meaningful conversations.

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