Message Based Study Guides

Enough – Week Three

Message based study guide for small groups.

Main Idea              

God wants us to be creative with how we use our talent to make a difference for His Kingdom. 


Where is your favorite place to connect with people outside of home or work?  


How do you most enjoy using your talents to make a difference in the lives of others?  


Read Luke 16:1-9 and discuss:  

  • What truth about God or yourself sticks out to you the most in this passage?   
  • Discuss the idea:  People in the world are often more creative with using their talents to make money than Christians are to make a difference in the Kingdom 
  • How does this idea encourage or challenge you?   
  • What would it look like for you to be more creative and intentional about investing in your talents in helping others? 


Spend some time strategizing as a group: 

  • What is something you could do as a group to reach out and welcome others into God’s Kingdom? 



Have everyone take a minute to pause and pray.  Who is one person in your life that doesn’t know Jesus or is disconnected from community?  What is a step you could take to love or serve them this week?   

Spend time praying for the names you shared and for each other to be creative in sharing the love of Christ.  

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