Message Based Study Guides

DNA – Week Two

Message based study guide for small groups.

Main Idea

As followers of Jesus, we are called to live with grace and truth.


What physical trait from your family “DNA” do you like the most and the least?


Describe a time in your life when you received grace from someone else and how that impacted you.


Pick a different person in your group to read the following passages: John 1:14, Romans 3:23-24, and Romans 2:4.

  • What is the most significant truth about God’s character that you see in these passages?

  • In your own words, how would you describe “grace” to someone who is curious about Christianity?

What is one way God’s grace has led you to “repentance,” or living in greater alignment with God’s truth in your life? 


Read Romans 15:7.

  • What is an area in your life where you need God’s grace right now?

  • Who is someone in your life that you could show more grace to?


Have everyone take a minute to pray to ask God to show them one step they could take this week to receive and extend God’s grace to others this week. Share your step with each other and spend some time praying to be filled more with God’s grace in your life.

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