This Week's Study Guide

The Jesus Way – Week 6

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Main Idea    

The practice of enduring trials with joy helps us grow and develop maturity in following Jesus. 



How did your Sabbath challenge go last week? What did you learn from the experience? 



What is a current celebration and challenge in your life? 



Spend some time praying together as the Holy Spirit leads.




Assign someone different to read each of the following passage:  James 1:2-4Hebrews 12:1-3, and Romans 5:1-5. Take note of any promises and commands you notice. 

·      As a group, make a list of the promises and commands you observe in these passages. Pick someone to write them down. 

·      What stands out to you most about what God wants for our lives in these passages?

·      How does the command to “consider it joy” when you face trials of many kinds encourage or challenge you? Where do these passages say that joy comes from?

·      What do these passages say the role of trials, or difficulties, are in the life of faith in Jesus? 

·      What is a way God has used a trial in your life to deepen your maturity in Christ?


Read Matthew 22:36-41 group and discuss: 

·      How did Jesus set an example of maturity in difficult trials? 

·      How do you think you could follow His example more in your life right now? 




This week, give everyone a notecard and have them write down a challenge or difficulty on one side of the card, and James 1:2-4 on the other side (the whole verse). Encourage them to put the card in a place you can see it this week as a reminder to find joy in Christ through trials and difficulties. 


Break up into groups of 3-4 to share what you wrote and spend time praying for each other as the Holy Spirit leads.  

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