Message Based Study Guides

Inside Out …Week Five

Message based study guide for small groups.

Main Idea   

God wants us to find freedom from addiction through the power of His grace.


If someone prepared the perfect meal for you, what would it be?


What has been the most impactful thing for you so far about this series together?  

*Leaders make sure to encourage your group with what you’ve seen God do in their lives and help your group know the next steps after this week.


Have someone read Romans 1:21-25 and someone read Jeremiah 2:13.  

  • What is a truth about God or yourself that challenges you from these passages?  
  • If someone observed your life for the last month, what would they say your idols are?**
  • Describe a time in your life when you recognized a negative result from trusting in something other than Jesus.  


**You may have to give some coaching about what idolatry means since it is not a word that is not used very often in our culture. See below. 

Have someone read Romans 6:14 and discuss:  

  • To what degree do you feel free from bad habits and addictions in your life?  

1 (slave)___________________5 (struggling)___________________10 (set free) 

  • In what area of your life do you most need God’s grace to find freedom from a bad pattern of thought or behavior? 



As a leader, take the opportunity to remind your group of the Gospel and share a specific way Jesus has impacted your life through this series. Then, have everyone share one step they believe God wants them to take to trust Jesus’ grace more in their life. 

Spend time praying for each other and those you know who are impacted by addiction to find freedom through the power of Jesus.  


** Idols are anything we become devoted to rather than God. Whether it is an addiction, needing approval from others, achievement to validate our self-worth, money, or perfectionism, we all have idols.  Idolatry is at the root of the brokenness in our world and is behind addiction. The good news is Jesus shows us the true God is personal and loves us enough to die for us. He is the only One who is truly worth our devotion because His grace has the power to set us free from sin. We can freedom as we 1) admit our brokenness, 2) believe in the power of Jesus to restore us, and 3) surrender our life and will to Him. 

*Make sure to discuss or let your group know the next steps for your group after this series. 

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