Message-Based Study Guides

Asking for a Friend – Week Three

Message-based study guide for small groups

Main Idea         

God can help us find hope and perspective on the reality of evil and suffering. 



What is the worst injury you’ve ever had?  



How has a difficult moment in your life led you closer to God or caused you to question God?   


Remind your group of the Good News that God cares about our suffering. The cross shows us that Jesus not only died for our sins, but He also identifies with and comforts us in our pain. We don’t have to go through the difficulties of this world alone. While God doesn’t give us all the answers about evil and suffering, He does give us hope and perspective by learning to look up, back, and forward.  



Split your group into sub-groups (2-3) to look at how God gives us perspective on suffering from different angles. Take 10 minutes to read and discuss in your groups. Then get back together to discuss what you learned.  

  • What is a truth about God that encourages or challenges you from the following Scriptures? 
  • How would embracing this truth impact your current or previous perspective on suffering?   
  • Pick someone from your group to share your group’s theme, the main truth of the passage, and how the truth of Scripture challenged you to think or live differently. 



Have your group take 1-2 minutes to pray and reflect about 

  • a specific way your group can pray for a difficult circumstance in your life. 
  • a way God is leading you to bring hope to someone going through something difficult. 


Share what God puts on your heart and spend time praying for each other as the Holy Spirit leads.  

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