Message-Based Study Guides

That’s The Move – Week Four

Message-based study guide for small groups

Main Idea     

Jesus defeated the power of shame so we don’t have to be haunted by it anymore.  



What are you most looking forward to about the spring season coming up?  



How can we pray for you and/or your family right now? 


Spend some time praying over the prayer requests that were shared.  



Read John 21:4-22 and discuss:   

  • What does this passage show you about Jesus and what He wants for your life? 
  • As a group, pick someone to be the group scribe and make a list of observations that you notice in the following categories.  
    • Truths About Jesus
    • Promises
    • Commands
  • Put yourself in Peter’s shoes, how would you have felt in this interaction with Jesus?  Why?  
  • How do you see Jesus’ power over shame in this moment with Peter? 
  • How does Jesus’ final calling for Peter to follow Him encourage or challenge you?   




Pick someone to read Hebrews 12:1-4 and take a moment to pause and pray about the following questions. 

  • Are there any weights of guilt or shame in your life that you need to let Jesus carry?  
  • How do you need to keep your eyes on Jesus to follow Him?  


As the Holy Spirit leads, spend some time praying together to break free from the power of shame to follow Jesus.  




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