House of Cards

House of Cards

October 21 - November 28, 2021
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Week 6: Parenting

Maybe more than ever, parents are overcommitted, overwhelmed, and overloaded. Yet, in today’s world, it’s never been more important for kids to have good parents. In this sermon, Donnie Peters shares 5 principles that will help parents bring the best out in their kids and themselves.

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Week 5: Wives

The Bible actually teaches all Christians to submit in one way or another. In this sermon, Chase Gardner breaks down what submission is and is not, giving wives a perspective of courageous and compelling submission in their marriage.

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Week 4: Husbands

Husbands are called to imitate Jesus to the best of their ability. In this sermon, Chase Gardner will be teaching about husbands’ responsibility to love their wives like Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.

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Week 3: Sex

Sex isn’t a topic to be avoided. In the right context, it’s one of God’s greatest gifts. In this sermon, Chase Gardner will discuss God’s design for sex and how it can build up our relationships instead of breaking them down.

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Week 2: Marriage

Finding meaning in a marriage can be surprisingly difficult. In this sermon, Chase Gardner teaches us about how a marriage can reach its highest potential and give the greatest satisfaction.

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Week 1: Dating

Dating can be extremely complicated and filled with questions. When is the right time for me to start dating? Who should I date? How should I date? But the most important question is what’s the point of dating? In this sermon, Ayren Nelson teaches us about how dating should be a period of evaluation and highlights what needs to be evaluated in order to build a lasting relationship that honors God.