Walking With Ghosts

March 3, 2024 - March 24, 2024

We all walk with ghosts—ghosts of our past; ghosts of shame, grief, disappointment or doubt. But there’s another Ghost that walks with us, and with Him by our side, we have freedom to leave the other ghosts behind.
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Week 1: Overcoming Shame | Matt Curtis

Mar. 3, 2024—Shame acts like a captor, but Jesus came to set the captives free. Fuquay-Varina Campus Pastor Matt Curtis shares how honesty and vulnerability with God are all we need to stop walking with the ghost of shame.

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Week 2: Grief to Glory | Duane Calvin

Mar. 10, 2024—Our current grief has no comparison to our future glory. While we may not always see Jesus in our grief, He is with us if we just look for Him. In week two, Duane Calvin shares about the ghost of grief.

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Week 3: When You Want To Blame God | Ayren Nelson

Mar. 17, 2024—Even when we want to blame Him for the disappointments we face, God draws near. He hears, He sees, He gets involved. Ayren Nelson from the Teaching Team gives a message about coping in times when we want to blame God.

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Week 4: Facing Doubt | Gary Vet

Mar. 24, 2024—Are you a doubter? Do you feel guilty that at times you doubt God’s word, God’s ways? The good news is that doubt doesn’t disqualify you from faith—we all have doubts! Director of Pastoral Development, Gary Vet, uses John 20 to show how God meets us in our doubt and disbelief.